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u-blox Thingstream makes IoT easy

Thingstream is a cloud-based delivery platform and administration interface for enterprise IoT services. The Thingstream platform comprises IoT connectivity, security, enterprise-grade MQTT broker, visual programming, simple enterprise integration, and support for u‑blox global positioning hardware.

SODAQ Arduino Form Factor (AFF) SARA-R412M u-blox edition.

When you buy the SODAQ Arduino Form Factor (AFF) SARA-R412M u-blox edition from our webshop you will get a free trial period.

How to set up your device

  1. Register a free account on the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform
  2. Activate your SIM by going to the Things list and selecting add thing. Enter your unique redemption code (printed on the SIM wallet). This SIM includes one month of free connectivity on the MQTT Anywhere 500 plan. No credit card is required.
  3. You’re all set. Make sure the MQTT Anywhere SIM is inserted, connect the USB cable next to the SIM tray to your laptop or a suitable USB power supply and connect the battery.
  4. Check the Thingstream developer pages for information about what to expect next

Additional messages or an extension to your data plan?

After the 30 day trial, you’ll be able to purchase a new plan or upgrade as you see fit. Just go to the billing section of the Thingstream portal and upgrade your account to the Pro plan to get access to the MQTT Anywhere price plans and the ability to edit the pre-built flow.


The software should be pre-loaded onto your device.
With the following steps you can re-upload the Thingstream sketch onto your board.
If you like, you can also make changes.

  1. Download this .zip file
  2. Extract the .zip.
  3. Inside the .zip navigate to library
  4. Here you will find the
  5. Put the extracted in the Arduino library folder. Default Documents/Arduino/library
  6. Install flash storage via the Arduino Library manager
  7. Open the Thingsstream SodaqTracker Example in the Arduino IDE. File → Examples → thingsstream → SodaqTracker
  8. Load on board